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Lopping Hall Art Reopening 

We hope to reopen as soon as possible but.....
We are looking for some new keen and enthusiastic people to manage and run the gallery.

The gallery is a community resource and volunteers are vital to ensure it is managed and staffed. The Lopping Hall Directors are willing to provide the space and support to a new management group. If this interests you in any capacity, large or small, please email loppinghallart@gmail.com

EFDC Festival of Culture

The Lopping Hall is delighted to be contributing to the EFDC Festival of Culture 2021 (www.visiteppingforest.org/festival-of-culture).


Many of our groups and societies are participating and although the physical gallery space remains closed, some of the artists who have exhibited are presenting a selection of their work. View the work of some of the artists who have exhibited below (click on images to expand). 

Millie MacDougall

These paintings are acrylic and spray paint on 60x80cm canvases. They are a part of a series concerning wildlife and humanitys effect on it. Gold Deer and Gold Tiger focuses only on the animal itself. Strokes of gold are used throughout the painting to help demonstrate the animal's beauty. 

Gold Lioness in contrast to the other two paintings displays a person wearing a lion's pelt. This shows humanities supposed superiority and lack of respect for the rest of the animal kingdom. The wearer's eyes are covered thus making them more relatable to the public as you cannot identify them as a single individual but can see them as a representation of all humanity.

Email: milliemacdougallart@gmail.com

Carol Chesher

My paintings are colourful and expressive, capturing a close-up encounter, a meaningful glance or movement that enhances our experience of nature. My aim is to emphasise what connects us as living creatures. An Essex artist, I exhibit my work locally and was shortlisted for the A&I Artist of the Year Competition 2018 at the Mall Galleries.

Email: carolchesherart@virginmedia.com

Website: www.carolchesherart.co.uk

Sheila Martin

I became an artist 10 years ago and devised a style of my own. I like to think that I portray art from my head and heart.


I have had three exhibitions one being at Lopping Hall in 2019.

Website: www.henrose.co.uk

Fiona Bennett

I have long been fascinated by shape and form, and this inspires my art practice. From the gnarled shape of a tree sculpted by age to the terrible beauty of the microscopic Corona Virus I draw motivation for my work examples of which are attached.


Please contact me to purchase the prints.

Email: bennett.fiona@aol.com

Instagram: @fizzbenn

Robert Ingram

I've lived in Theydon Bois for twenty years and mostly paint scenes in and around Epping Forest - which I find an endless source of inspiration.


Email: robertingram111@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.robertingram.co.uk

Andy Coote

I’m a self-taught artist based in Buckhurst Hill. I grew up in North Chingford close to Epping Forest, which has been a big part of my life and a huge inspiration for many of my paintings.

The subjects for my paintings are landscapes, wildlife and a few portraits too.


Email: andycoote64@hotmail.com

Tom Haley

As a keen conservationist and amateur photographer, I have always admired wildlife. I started off taking pictures as a way to record animals, it quickly became a hobby and I now enjoy the challenge of photographing wildlife as well as finding it.

Email: tom@thaley.co.uk

Daniel Boddy

I very much enjoy wandering around areas of secluded wilderness. My paintings draw inspiration from nature's grand, imposing, chaotic presence and also it's beautiful, hidden details. 


Most of my sketches draw inspiration from exploring Epping Forest. A place I'm very fortunate to live right next to and I encourage as many people to visit this stunning gem as possible.


Email: dandbod@gmail.com

Mobile: 07482972570

Instagram: @mauveashmason

Carol Foulger

I am passionate about the presentation of our natural and local environment. Through my artwork I want to create an understanding and an appreciation for the stunning wildlife that we are fortunate enough to have on our doorstep.

Email: carolf.artist@hotmail.com

Mobile: 07779253420

Roding Valley High School

We have included a very small selection of some of our GCSE and A Level student's work in both 2D and 3D art and design.


At Roding Valley we encourage our students to explore their own ideas and we try to avoid prescriptive themes. We want students to be confident using different techniques and materials, and to explore contemporary artists and their work. Each student is on their own personal journey during their studies and we find they are far more rounded young adults, when they come to take the next step in their lives because of it.


The attached images are just a snapshot of the variety of the work that we produce.

David Tisdale, Head of Creative Arts, Roding Valley High School 

Email: dtisdale@rodingvalley.net


John King

I paint landscapes in oil and watercolour. They are usually painted on location and are urgent and expressive. They are lively, exciting paintings, the gesture of the paintbrush captures the elusive moment in a way the camera cannot. The watercolours use the white of the paper to give the colour a sense of clarity.

Email: johnaking@btinternet.com

Mobile: 07973404028

Website: johnkingfineart.wordpress.com

Victoria King MA FRSA

As a professional fine artist and educator, I am intensely involved in researching the work and practice of Northern and Italian Renaissance/Baroque artists and incorporate this knowledge in all paintings. 

I regularly work to commission, exhibit on a regular basis and am available for tuition in traditional painting/drawing methods and techniques. For more information: 

Email: v.king14@outlook.com

Website: www.victoriakingart.com

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