Hall Management

John Mahoney

Les House

Deputy Hall Manager

 - Health & Safety
 - Security

 - Designated Premises Supervisor
 - Child Protection Officer

Diane Peters

Assistant Hall Manager

Halls for hire

Company Secretary

Stephen Radley

Board of Directors

of the Lopping Endowment Corporate Trustee Limited (formerly Trustees)

Alan Martin

Board Chairman, Estate Management Group & Works Committee

Martin Howarth

Treasurer & Estate Management Group

Jayna Jogia

Council Representative & Website Editor

Paul Mercer 


Estate Management Group (Lead) & Works Committee

Lindon Barr

COVID-19 Safeguarding & Social Media Management

Jessica Ford

Publicity & Event Management and Deputy Website Editor

John Orgar

Board Member

Garrett Fitz Gerald     


Estate Management Group & Works Committee

Following the decision made at the AGM in 2015, the Trustees of The Lopping Endowment created a Limited Liability Corporate Trustee company (known as The Lopping Endowment Corporate Trustee Limited) to be the sole Trustee of the Lopping Endowment.

The former Trustees became Directors of the new company  in January 2016.  To read more about this change and to find out what this means, please click here.